Once Upon a Time and Always

For those merely wondering if anything is in the pipeline…

Yes. I shall be discussing our next project soonish. Completely new IP.

Remember when I used to ramble? Me too. You’re here. I’m here. You might as well join me for a few.

As I stated above,  I am very much working on things, yet have hesitated to virtually make contact and have watched  the pixie dust pile upon the pixels of this site and that’s a pity.

Words long to rush out and compete for the honor to be the first to tumble from my fingers. I take a single sip of water from a small plastic bottle proclaiming its purity and I replace it upon the pull out tray of this fine wooden desk that likely has a history longer than any of us.

I let my fingers dance across the keyboard for all the world to see. You see, however, I am doing this as I did once upon a time and always, for an audience of one. Don’t misunderstand. I enjoy the company. Please continue.

Without more preamble, I simply want to say I’m better now.

I skimmed over my last entry before I wrote these words and it stings and is likely what has contributed to me adding any further words to this site for quite some time. It stands as testimony to my melancholy and a reminder of my moments of misery. I considered deleting the words, save the kindness of your comments is a bit of digital graffiti and history making the bitter a touch more sweet. Thanks to each and every one of you who has continued to drop by during this quiet time that I shall likely refer to as The Dark Age where the black threatened to consume all and scriveners hid away in the shadows scribbling on scraps by flickering fires, one arm guarding the words from prying eyes. I managed to make my way back into the dappled fields of light.

I tend to my imaginary worlds even as the real world rushes by beyond the windows. I hear cars whizz by with their distinct grumbling sounds as tires long to go faster than common sense allows. The real world truly feels worlds away as I lose myself in my work, my words, my worlds. In short, I am blurrier than ever.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.



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