Origins Update and Assorted Bits of Madness

Okay…I waited awhile to recover before I got my update on from Origins, but here ya go.

First, to make up for last week…I’ve got a sample page from the upcoming RunePunk for your delight.

Check out the page here!

Now on to other news…

I had good conversations with Shane Hensley, Creator of Savage Worlds, and he dropped in unexpectedly at a game session I ran, distributing Smilin’ Jacks about and he snapped a picture of me. Luckily, I was cleaned up for the photo op!

Fourth picture down…(below the drow chick…)

See me here!

I played many cool games, such as Plunder, met the Cold Reign guys, talked with Aaron Acevedo of Talisman Studio and Jason Engle who did the cover of Savage Worlds Revised. I participated in Shaintar events, talked with it’s creator, Sean Patrick Fannigan.

I ran the Journey to Red Temple: A High Flying Kung-Fu Fantasy adventure set in the Bright Empire (world of Katana: Samurai Steampunk) and got the privilege of gaming with MadTinkerer (Matthew) and fronic8 (Erskin) who ae both superlative roleplayers (despite the Angry Potion.) ;)

I talked with Chris Pramas and Steve Kenson about True20 a bit and lunched with John Danovich of Studio2. Currently, I’m finalizing details on distribution of RunePunk and other works, such as APB and Katana.

The words I threw together do not do justice to the enormity of the event. I truly had a great time at Origins and look forward to attending next year (with product.)

What else? I did the layout for the cover of RunePunk and I’m liking it mightily. I’ll give it a nice reveal in the upcoming weeks…

I’m also working on some PDFs to satiate everyone’s desire to see what our game studio is all about. Check the mad lab out for details.



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