Orwell, Oblivion, and Runepunk, Oh my!

Hello All.

First off, the big news today is my daughter, China, placed 3rd overall in her spelling bee and 1st for her grade schoolwide.

This past week, I’ve been having a lot of work dialogues about various topics that I have to keep under my imaginary hat…

Hmmm, what can I talk about?

I’ve gotten more Orwell Industries to read through, but I was honestly too sick to read through the expanded draft yet. Tomorrow morning, I shall devour it. I have a meeting about it in the afternoon. I’m confident that it’ll rock the house down. This is definitely a kickin’ M&M Superlink product in the making.

AoO received a lot of TLC as I purchased the definitive font for it and am refining the treatment it will receive. Chapter outlines are complete as well as a firm sense of direction. Notes are being made and compiled on a daily basis.

The player’s section for RunePunk is complete in my eyes. I’ve placed it into the hands of a motley band of fellows to eviscerate it and tell me what glaring omissions I’ve made while I spit and polish the GM’s section. I’m anxious to let this whole beast into the wild and see how it does. I find it an amalgam of influences that have coelesced into the strange city of Scatterpoint. A city that has taken on a life of its own.

Oblivion, meanwhile, languidly awaits.




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