Ravaged Earth: 6 Reasons to Play

Ravaged Earth is a game of high-powered pulp, a unique Savage Worlds setting blending the action-packed adventure tales of the 1930s with retro-futuristic dieselpunk technology and arcane magic.

What makes Ravaged Earth truly different is its ability to become your personal pulp playground, where courageous heroes battle costumed super villains, occultists and mad scientists while hunting for lost relics and protecting the world from the Martian menace.

Here are six reasons you should play Ravaged Earth:

  1.  Defined setting. With Ravaged Earth, a Martian invasion, dieselpunk tech, magic and super powers blend with established pulp tropes to form a world rifle with possibilities. Following the Martian invasion, certain ordinary folk have been “ravaged” by Aetherium, a Martian metal with otherworldly properties. Heroes are imbued with special powers and abilities far above normal humans thanks to Aetherium and have become the stuff of legend.
    Using this premise, Ravaged Earth throws the heroes into heart-racing adventure where airships battle over the Himalayas, secret Nazi expeditions to Atlantis or a cadre of nightmarish robots invading New York are commonplace.
  2. Flexible character creation. Making a versatile pulp hero in Ravaged Earth is a breeze, and allows players to develop larger-than-life characters. Choose from 34 archetypes or craft your own hero. A passel of new Edges and Hindrances flesh out your character, while Defining Interests allow you to tailor your hero to your liking. Want a super scientist who can craft zapguns or robots? What about a Rocket Ranger with a penchant for detective work? Or an enigmatic mystic with telekinesis? We’ve got you covered. Any character you can think of, from jungle lords to masked avengers or spell-slinging magicians are possible here.
  3. Options for the GM. Ravaged Earth is easy to set up a night’s game session or a protracted, longer campaign. A detailed guide on creating adventures includes the elements of pulp, basic traps, secret societies, infamous villains, and ordinary NPCs your heroes can meet. With the pulp adventure generator, the GM can design a quick adventure on the fly.
  4. New rules maximize the pulp feel. Distinct rule sets replicate the intense world of the pulps and synch well with the Savage Worlds system. Whether it’s ratcheting up the tension with dramatic tasks or slinging spells with our Power Point-free Arcane Backgrounds, Ravaged Earth offers players all the heightened drama, action and thrills of a Saturday matinee serial.
  5. Adventures aplenty. The world of Ravaged Earth is rife with exploration. Sometimes you want to jump right in and get your players battling Martians, mooks and mobsters. Our 12-part Plot Point campaign, “Martian Sun”, throws the heroes into a globe-spanning adventure to recover a mysterious Martian artifact. Ravaged Earth also has shorter adventures called Ravaged Tales, which are perfect for one or two game sessions.
  6. Customizable to your individual tastes. Ravaged Earth is easily adaptable for other play styles. There’s a passel of Martian weapons and vehicles, an array of NPCs and villains for you to use as you wish. Want a superhero campaign or one featuring masked avengers and martial artists? How about a Martian invasion scenario or a battle with gangsters, Nazi robots or nightmarish beasts? Perhaps your heroes have a thirst for the exotic and battle the Cult of Anubis’ undead mummy legions in an Egyptian tomb, or soar to the moon aboard a mad scientist’s rocketship? Ravaged Earth provides the tools for infinite possibilities.

Ravaged Earth is for Savage Worlds and is currently available from our shop, RPGNow and your local game shop.

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