Round Here


I had a nice conversation Friday with a SW luminary that you may well know if you’re into Savage Worlds. We discussed stuff.

Yes, I know. Vague, vague, vague. Why does he even mention it, if he’s not gonna talk about it? Because it means added coolness in the future. That’s being worked on.

I always wondered why other companies dwelled in the shadows on some points. I’ve learned a lesson that I had forgotten. Nothing is certain. I’ve already touched upon that previously, but there ya go again.

If you nip over to the Peg Forums, you’ll see the Great Mecha Debate still rages. I find this particularly interesting as I compare it to Lee Hammock’s rough draft on Mecha and scratch my head. I didn’t commission a writer to do work that I’ll just give away, but it’s essential to Anime, just curious if that’s how it should be handled in mainstream games that way which begs the question. How real do you want your fantasy? Sounds like a good logo doesn’t it. Might have to use it.

At any rate, back to work for me. You too. Why are you spending your work hours reading this? :P




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