Iron Dynasty

Iron Dynasty is cinematic Oriental fantasy with a twist. Putting the Warring States period on its head and introducing both mythical elements and steampunk into the mix, Iron Dynasty was first introduced with the adventure, Journey to Red Temple. An exhaustive playtesting process has refined and defined the setting where the players can create all sorts of characters from onmyoji elementalists to ninja and all types in between. Great care was taken whereby the character creation process is balanced and provides the expansive edges necessary to do this setting justice.

With this burgeoning line, we’ve not only introduced this setting into the RPG arena with Way of the Ronin for Savage Worlds, but we’ll also be releasing Art of War, a complementary miniatures game driven by the free Savage Worlds Showdown rules. These lines have undergone parallel development providing exciting opportunities to explore the rich, diverse world of Ni-Ten.

Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin cover


Character Sheets

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