Realms of Cthulhu

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Whether you seek action and adventure battling cultists in sun-drenched jungle temples, a shadowy milieu of dark words and impossible deeds, or a twisted mixture dredged up from the darkest recesses of imagination and nightmare, you will find the rules you need and the inspiration you desire within these pages. Four distinct styles impact how physical damage and mental anguish are handled. This allows you to effortlessly shape and direct the focus of your campaign, from the pulpiness of Heroic Horror to the grim desolation of the Dark Spiral.


Investigator’s Dossier

The Investigator’s Dossier is a character sheet designed by Cheyenne Wright specifically for Realms of Cthulhu. Looking at this full-color character sheet will make you paranoid that someone has all the dirt on your investigator. Don’t worry, it’s only the keeper.

Drake Manor Map Pack

The Drake Manor Map Pack, featuring cartography by Keith Curtis, includes a complete layout of Drake Manor for use with the Mysteries of Drake Manor chapter in Realms of Cthulu.

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