Shifting Gears and Gearing Up

Today was a day much like any other, but not. While I did wander the fields of imagination, today I had a magnifying lens in hand as I read through the first batch of pixels for Iron Dynasty: Fantasy Craft Edition. It’s exciting to see the development of this project and other then some high concept meetings regarding some directions I wanted things to go and handing over the Iron Dynasty docs some time back, I’ve been entirely hands off. Now, dirt meet nail and I read through this stuff and shoot back commentary.

I also got my games in for Origins. This year, like all others, things will be a little different. I’m running a couple of four hour games Thursday and Friday and I’ll be getting my clockwork on as I run RunePunk and Iron Dynasty, and I’ll be running something special at Savage Saturday Night.

It was weird not writing today and just absorbing data. A break I readily welcome. My brain is recharging and I’m gearing up for a terrific spring on the Reality Blurs front. Please fasten your seat belt and hang on tight!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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