Agents of Oblivion: Starfall Jungle (True20)


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Cover_reb_aoo0001t20-1The first licensed adventure for True20! Welcome to the Jungle! Starfall Jungle that is. A modern adventure of horror-espionage where players take on the roles of the covert Agents of Oblivion, a black ops organization battling terror and terrorism around the globe! Be ready to lock and load as you head way down south of the border on a mission that quickly descends into madness. Watch your six! Includes six starting level characters good to go! Penned by Sean Preston, refined for True20 by Erica Balsley, and beautifully illustrated by Adam Shaw. This is a great introductory adventure to kick off an AoO campaign and is perfect for beginning players and low level characters. Looking for adventure? Remember Reality Blurs!

Author(s): Sean Preston, Erica Balsley
Illustrator: Adam Shaw

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