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What is RunePunk? Dark steampunk fantaCover_RP-players-guide-final-1sy like no other. RunePunk: Player’s Guide contains the players section found in RunePunk: Steam & Shadow. RunePunk: Player’s Guide is officially licensed for Savage Worlds, and requires the Savage Worlds roleplaying game to play.

Inspired by the works of Mieville and Moorcock among others, RunePunk is a gaming experience like no other. Running 80 pages, RunePunk: Player’s Guide is a beautifully illustrated, full color PDF detailing everything you need to bring characters in the dystopian city of ScatterPoint to life.

Choose from one of five races and assign them new racial edges, or consider for a moment the exhaustive number of other new races and hindrances, arcane backgrounds, professional edges, and powers. There are over a hundred all told. This immense flexibility means the sky is literally the limit. Will your character have innate armor, weaponry, or perhaps even wings? Will you cast runes, make machines, or summon demons? You decide.

Please note: This package contains both the Printer Friendly Edition and the Full Color Deluxe Edition of RunePunk: Player’s Guide!

Gamemasters interested in running a Runepunk campaign should purchase RunePunk: Steam & Shadow, our complete 192-page campaign book.


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