Snow Day

Last night, we had much snow in Memphis, and, thus, the city was all but closed. White blankets covered everything up, and the world seemed to slumber beyond the cold glass panes.

As for myself, I mused and mulled, read and wrote, and allowed myself the luxury of letting my mind wander. Certainly, there were business things to attend to, and they were taken care of as best as I was able, but in the main, I reflected upon the pure whiteness of the snow and winter’s heart. There is a steady solace found in the depths of a season once the season has realized truly what it is capable of. This winter knows what it’s about, and focuses on its goal with purpose.

Feel the beating heart of winter. Let its cold pulse be your metronome as you let the world fall away and push your own projects towards completion. Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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