SoCal Bound and a Hint of Magic

Hello All.

It’s Friday night. I’ve been very busy this week, so I apologize if you’ve popped over here and not seen a particularly clever update this week.

What have I been doing?

I’ve worked long and hard to make the magical system for RunePunk, well, Magical. In addition to that, I hope I’ll be offering up some especially interesting Extraordinary Racial Abilities as well. What have I done with the magic system? You’ll see, but suffice to say that it playtested quite well in recent groups and all the players really liked it, just gotta stress test it a bit more.

Additionally, I’m announcing that Reality Blurs will be attending SoCal GenCon and look forward to meeting any Savages that might be in attendance. So drop us a line if you plan on coming.

No art update this week as my artist is working hard on some Halloween projects. ;)



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