Spring has Sprung

Where’d Winter go? Here we are now in Spring and I’m looking up from the keyboard wondering who replaced the grey skies with blue. (Okay, I’m waxing a bit poetic here as it’s pitch black at the moment, but, hey, you get the idea, right?)

I’m scrambling around, working on lots and lots of projects, while making certain to keep a keen eye on RunePunk and being certain to provide it with the support that I’d expect. I look forward to letting my mind wander down the narrow streets of ScatterPoint and may slip in there as time permits, but I’m focusing on the darkest bits of Oblivion at the moment. Things are moving along well, but I certainly do wish things were moving faster, but there are only so many hours in so many days and I’m trying to not burn the candles on both ends, though I do seem to be awake a lot more lately than usual. What do I do with this “free” time? I’ve been learning InDesign and Illustrator and Photoshop and am certain that the time invested now will pay dividends in expediting both the development and production cycles. Yeah. Not the exciting things you get to read here sometimes, this is one of the more introspective turns on the business side of things. Rest assured that the mind is turning, the words are burning through my fingertips, and more madness awaits upon the horizon. :)




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