Taking My Own Advice

In case you were wondering about the sudden eastern philosophy yesterday, I’ll let you in on a little secret. One which should be abundantly obvious if you’ve been reading these pages since I started the Daily Blog Challenge on November first, but has wrapped vines all the way through March. I make it a point to take my own advice.

Case in point: the last few days I discovered some issues with Agents of Oblivion. We leave and learn. It was solid as it stood, but it could’ve been better, so I revamp, refine, and give it another go. I’m not discouraged. I’ve got an iterative process and I’ve learned this is just part of the process. I write frantically. Give the writing some space and write something else. Pass it around. Come back to the material I had sent out, bemoan my fate it wasn’t perfect the first time, and refine the thing. It’s the nature of the beast when one deals with so many moving parts.

So, what you get when you come here are the bits and pieces of things I’ve meditated on, reflected on, and turned around in my head for awhile. Getting the challenges written down (or typed out as the case may be) as I’ve done helps to both define them and overcome them. I’ve learned a number of you have been following along now and I appreciate your support and enthusiasm and am glad you’re getting something out of the process.

These words are meant to give you some insight into the kinds of things bouncing around my grey matter and aid you in charting your own path through the process.

I just want you to know, I’m not coming at preaching at you from a soapbox or an ivory tower or any other anachronistic locale you can imagine. I’m just like you, thinking my thoughts, tapping the keys, and doing what I do.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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