The Cold, Wet Facts

Imagine a cold day in November. The angels weep in the heavens. The skies are grey. Now transpose such a day into a Friday, this Friday. Melancholy, thy name is Memphis. Though I spend a better part of each day in the gentle glow of a monitor, my mood shifts based upon the weather, and, to be perfectly honest, my health and temper are sometimes impacted by the cold. My back aches from the cold, and I get growly. As a rational being (most of the time), I recuse myself from human contact at this points, because I don’t need to moan and groan to others.

You know how the Mad Lab has been host to creatures in the past. (Oh, the gentle luxuries of suburbia.) This past winter was no exception, and the rascally rodents (squirrels to be precise) damaged the ecosystem. In other words, something is wonky with the heater (and I expect they are the root cause). This happened on the verge of spring, so I decided to wait to get it worked on. LIttle did I know that a weird few months still lay before us.

So, today, I shivered a bit (until relenting and donning a sweater in the late afternoon). The cold was a wet cold, a dampness seeking refuge in my warmth. Surprissingly, the keyboard helped radically. So I managed to get along far better than I anticipated. My work was largely preparing Ravaged Earth for deployment. Putting together the finer points of copy and graphics and the like. All is ready for next week, and that’s off my plate for a bit, so the decks are cleared for deep diving back into tremulus.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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