The End of 2010: We’ll See You on the Other Side!

I started to write a retrospective of what we’ve done this past year, but it didn’t feel natural. It seemed more like a marketing “event”. Not what I was looking for. Sure, we got some cool, new things out, such as Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin (which seemed to take forever but we did it and even sold out of the advance copies at GenCon), and we released a lot material this year, as it turns out, so it was our most productive year ever! Next year, we want to do better, and a lot of really cool things are coming together, such as Shaintar (what?!) and Ravaged Earth (the rebooting) and Agents of Oblivion (finally). Again, our eyes may be bigger than our stomach, but we’re going to do our best to get more materials out there, including continuing the support materials for product lines which need more love, and those taking their first steps into the wild.

I know we can do better, so we will. Ultimately, besides the riches and fame which naturally come along with being an RPG guy, it’s great to get out there and meet really cool people, and it’s especially rewarding to know folks like you not only like us, but like our stuff. You honor us with your patronage—you know we couldn’t be here without you– and we hope to continue to be worthy of your hard earned coin in the year ahead.

Let’s put 2010 to bed, and look forward to a bright new 2011 full of adventure, excitement, and the occasional intrigue!  This is Sean signing out with the last Razorwise Report of 2010. Until next year, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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