The Physicality of Creativity

I spent today largely away from the keyboard, except for the moments I’m spending writing this. What have I done? A bit of rumination and reflection. It was nice to get away from the hectic buzz of the inbox and social media for awhile and delve into the physicality of the process–I read through some game books, jotted down some notes with a real pen on real paper, and had the television blaring at some points during the day while I sat back in my chair with my legs propped up on the ottoman.

It was a cold, cold day and it was nice to spend it wrapped up in warm thoughts surrounded by my world. While creation is always a pleasure, doing it in a more comfortable environment is a wonderful change of place. Not to say I don’t enjoy my office, but it’s good to get away from the desk every now and then and see what happens when I juxatpose the work space with the living space.

Try it sometime. You’ll find it stimulates your own creativity if you can avoid the distractions!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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