The Times They Are A Changin’

Wow. Happy new year to all of you!

I know Spring is almost here…I see buds on the trees, and I can see the schoolkids wanting to ditch their coats and feel the general restlessness in the still bitter air. There is a battle going on as Winter refuses to give it. It is flush with its success of great snow and great ice, and refuses to retreat. It wants to continue to march ever onward, encasing us in its icy embrace.

It’s been a long time since you and I have talked. Hasn’t it? It’s probably been a few years since I gave up my more informal gabbing about this and that, and shifted to a different approach, a more focused approached. The website put on a suit and tie, and I suppose I felt obliged to do the same. I have to confess something to you now (those of you who’ve met me and know me, will tell you this is true), I’m not much of a shirt and tie kinda guy. Been there, done that, and I’m sure I have a coffee mug around here somewhere that I trucked to work, and filled with coffee as I trudged through the break room, bleary-eyed, while the women watched the morning news, or their soap operas, or gabbed about what they were going to eat next (like most office workers, I know, they seem obsessed with food; have you ever thought they might eat just to remind themselves they were alive? a bit disturbing, I know). At any rate, I’m not that guy. I haven’t been for a long time. I work from home. I put in long hours. (Though I’m trying to find a happier balance this year, like everyone else.) And I love my job. I make stuff up for a living, and I’ve got a great crew that’s helping me make stuff up now too. I want to thank you for that. Whether with words of praise and support, criticisms, or patronage, I appreciate each and every one of you.

We’re working on more than ever, and this looks to be our strongest schedule of releases we’ve ever planned, but I couldn’t do it without you. I know that the times are tough right now, and the economy is grim, but things we’ll get better, and we cannot lose the joy, creativity, and pleasure found in some close friends, some dice, and a few sheets of paper. Game on, my brothers (and sisters), game on, and let me close with this.

We’ll be talking more, you and I, in the days ahead. We’ve already set up TWITTER and you’ve been able to get an RSS feed from us for a long time, and we have more plans for that in the future, but I miss the days of settling in in front of the computer, firing up my thoughts, and telling you what I thought about the craft of design. I’m wrapping up my sixth year of doing this professionally. It’s nuts. Reality Blurs is almost six years old already, and though I’ve learned a lot, there is so much still left to learn. I’ve got a few ideas of subject matters I’d like to share with you, but I’m curious to hear what you’d like me to talk about. Join our forums, and let me know.

I’ll be seeing ya!


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