Things and Such (with Overtures to October)

Last night, I played Elder Sign by FFG. It’s a game I highly recommend. I might be playing it again tomorrow when we have an all day gaming thing. I will say, the guy who came over last night was afraid we would have too much Mythos tomorrow. I told him that’s impossible. I’ve been working on scads of stuff for Echo of Dead Leaves and if I wasn’t bored by it, he sure shouldn’t be. I’ll also be running a special session of Agents of Oblivion for the crew. It’ll be the first time half the players will have played AoO and the first time any of them have played this particular division of Oblivion (and no, before you ask, it’s NOT one listed in the upcoming book). I am hesitant to talk about it too terribly much, but I am pretty excited about it. Hopefully, you’ll see a supplement on this particular group sometime next year. I just need to kick the tires on it, so, in a sense, despite the veneer of gaming, I’ll still be doing just a touch of playtesting tomorrow. If things go really well, who knows when it’ll come out? I just don’t want to promise too much, since we still have to get the main book out there into your hands.

I’m rambling. It’s been another busy week, but I’ll give you a bit of news, since you do come here to read that, don’t you? We have some nifty plans for an exciting October so I want you to be ready for tricks and treats!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!





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