Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

It is better to be too busy than not busy at all. It helps pay the bills and pass the time. And I have been too busy. So busy writing, working on production things, and spending so much time in my head, that it seemed a sin to work on anything that was not directly related to getting the work done. And then there was the illness that drained my energy and left me spent and fatigued and I had no words left over for socialization at the end of the day. Either on the internet on in real life (and the way things are blurring, is there really any difference between the two anymore).

My evenings were comprised of nodding off to Netflix or trying to play a video game, but not having the energy even for that. My meals were soup. My appetite for all things had shrank considerably. But I toiled. Commitments had been made. We were running behind on tremulus deliverables (and we were so far ahead at the outset) and dates had to be pushed out. This was hard for me to accept, but so it goes.

Being creative on demand is often a necessity in this field and I liken it to walking on a tightrope juggling caffeinated monkeys. When you’re in the zone, it’s exciting and fun. When you step away for it from a bit, you can see the inherent madness found within. This is not a burnout manifesto. I have not grown discontented with the work at all. I have just grown to appreciate the madness. In truth, I have missed it.

My energy levels have grown a tiny bit each day. My appetite (for all things) has returned. And I’m anxious to get the Blur back up to speed. There are a lot of challenges before us. There are so many things we want to get out there that, aside from working on tremulus, I’ll largely be in a production role, ensuring we get such things as more materials for our other lines from our minds into your hands. Tomorrow, I’ll talk a bit about stop gap measures, and the like.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!







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