Undaunted, I approach Monday

I was so full of vim and vigor when I awoke, I largely ignored the fact snow had again descended upon the fair city of my birth, and I approached the keyboard, nodding to it as one might an accomplice. We had deeds to do today, so I decided to hit them full tilt as Don Quixote might engage a windmill. The tilting was fun, and many things were creating from the partial cloth of the materials of Iron Dynasty. It’s been a poorly kept secret I’ve been working on guidebooks and adventures for Iron Dynasty, and I decided to forgo the free, creative day I’ve reserved each week for myself to make a push, and continue until this project runs its course.

I decided the hiccups of last week did not necessarily reflect the expansion of the work I was doing. Sometimes things ebb and flow, be it creativity or accessibility, and last week I needed to talk about some stuff, so I did. Time well spent. Yesterday, I got the batteries recharged, and hit things hard today. I hope to accomplish my goals by the end of the month, which gives us a few more weeks, and I’m on track, but I have to focus and maintain the discipline to get on through.

That’s the lesson for today: do not deviate the course. If you’re closing in on a goal and you have a misstep and stumble, get right back up, and dig back in. No one said anything would be easy, whether it’s writing or washing clothes, if you stop in the middle you’re going to have a mess no one can do anything with.

Go forth. Do good things. Write words. Wash clothes. I have more of both to do myself. (We don’t want writers sitting about writing words in unwashed clothes do we?) Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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