Week in review: Writing and Editing and Revamping, Oh My!


Last week was a wonderfully hectic week wherein I got a great deal of stuff done. Some of it secret business stuff, some of it is the stuff you guys like to know about- the games. I’m continuing to edit Orwell Industries and got all the art direction out to our newest artist, Julia Bax, last week. You’ll really like her style. I wanted to surprise you guys, but thought, what the heck, let’s conduct an experiment, as some of the roughs come in, I’ll post some of it for your edification in the Powers & Perils section of our newly expanded website. I’m thinking of doing it as a full-on feature from Concept to Product: How it’s done. Sure, it’ll demistify things a bit, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll find some of it interesting, if not enlightening. No promises.

I talk about the website work over there, but I’m gonna segue just a bit and stress the fact that the information architecture that I’ve set up is gonna make it handy to keep you all in the loop about our various product lines. I know, I know, I get excited about some of the weirdest things.

Additionally, I want to comment on the fact that I set this thing up using the Moveable Type Publishing Platform back in November of 2004 and that it truly rocks. I wanted something that’d be easy to maintain then. Something that’d allow me to get the info out into everyone’s hands quickly without having to deal with a gazillion pages. It’s absolutely been a godsend and I’ve seen since then a lot of other companies have followed suit. You know who you are. ;)

I’m also editing Agents of Oblivion for True20 WoA. I’m having to make some minor modifications to integrate them into the True20 Core System and it’s exciting. I can only say that in the course of this process I got the opportunity to refine and expand the sanity rules I initially conceived for the setting. I’m very pleased. My good friend, Barry Green, one of my harshest critics and a regular sounding board for a great deal of my ideas, thought other players would really like them as well. Barry used to run a wicked game of Call of Cthulhu! Those were the days.

The next few days will be consumed with Oblivion. It does that to me. It comes down like a tiny fragment of a dark star and overwhelms my world. Edits and art direction for AoO await. Art direction is an acquired taste. The more you do it, the more you start to like it. I’ve got the items outlined that I want, but I’ll have to expand it out. Anyway, check out all the links on the site, poke around in the dark corners. I’ve knocked off all the cobwebs. All the pixels are polished and we’ve opened the west wing to showcase our products.





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