What a Long, Strange Day It’s Been

It’s the far side of a very long day. I was up too terribly late with my daughter (roughly 3 a.m. or so) watching The Walking Dead. She’s never seen it, but got interested in it because of the video game. As for myself? I’ve read the graphic novels, and have enjoyed the series (more or less) fairly well. Not avid, mind you, but interested.

Today was spent working on some mockups for some as yet unannounced stuff as well as attending to various managerial bits of minutiae I shall not bore you, the viewing audience with. Suffice to say, there are bits of creative energies used in dealing with folks as well as with words.

As my daughter is hanging out here for a few days, I didn’t want to tie myself down with anything too time consuming. I just wanted to get some stuff done while she was still crashed out. This was my first opportunity to delve into Adobe Illustrator CS6 and I marveled at the new interface. The company has taken a big step forward into the realms of the twenty-first century. There are a handful of differences, but it is nice being up-to-date after having spent the formative years of the company with older versions of the software. Let’s just call it paying one’s dues.

And doing layout? Something I enjoy to varying degrees. I especially like doing the mockups for potential projects because, as I’ve said elsewhere, they give you something to cling to in those cold, cold nights of the creative process. And believe me, you will have some cold nights of anguish and sweat as you puzzle out some of the details. Or maybe it’s just me and it comes with remarkable ease to some of you. What do I know? I string together words and see what’s what.

I did see some of the TED Talks now streaming on Netflix. I’d highly recommend the humorous ones. ze Frank is especially interesting. I’m really intrigued by his ideas of using the internet to connect with one another, not so much the raw value of the idea, but specifically the means in which he pursues it. It makes me think there is something there as it relates to roleplaying and communal storytelling. Is there a way to create a more sublime system to better engage and expand the base? To transcend the game from a technical subgroup to a higher level, broader base? I’m not even talking about it from a capitalistic, mercenary standpoint, more of a way to get people talking and bonding and sharing a created story in a positive sense. I’m not sniffing glue over here. I think there is a kernel of something in there. The question I ask myself when it comes to this is how can I make less more? Where is the fine line when we can make the game at once more inclusive yet sublimely easy and comprehensive? These are questions I throw out into the ether as I continue on the development we have currently underway, and what I’d like to see in the future.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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