What a Week


I spent nearly every waking moment refining and improving Agents of Oblivion so I could get it into the “Ultimate Final Draft Mode.” That takes some time, let me tell you. I expanded out Sanity checks, cleaned up the history, the Agency, and its rival organization, the Pandora Institute. All in all, despite this handful of inadequate words, it’s greatly improved over the originally submitted draft, which I was content with at the time. That’s the subjectivity of time and space, backing away from something a little bit, as often suggested in creative books, actually is magic. You can easily spot the gaps, goofs, and the unexplained phenomena occuring in your work like someone setting themselves on fire in the middle of a dark, moonless night- the only way you can miss it is to close your eyes and cover your ears.

I also got a copy of Grubman’s sci-fi adventure to look over. I have a vested interest, since I fleshed out a couple of points for him. I’m just curious to see what made the cut. I haven’t opened it yet. Remember, Oblivion?

I also spoke with Ed over the weekend about the 12 Hours to Midnight stuff he’s working on in broad vagaries and I told him about the Scare system that I came up with for Agents of Oblivion and we shot the bull about horror, using big words like castigate. We didn’t get to frisson. Writers, for some reason, are always supposed to use that word at least once per conversation when discussing horror. His plans for 12 Hours sound intriguing, demanding, and I wish him success on pushing the envelope. I’m sure it will rock mightily.

As far as pushing the envelope, I wondered aloud a bit about RunePunk. He actually brought up the ease it’d be to slide such characters as Merlin into the mix of the game. I hadn’t considered Merlin until that moment, but it’s true. I tried to make ScatterPoint able to handle about anything or anyone the GM wishes to throw into the mix, so bring it on! You hear that Arioch, Elric, Merlin, Uther Pendragon, Conan, Fafhrd? We got your City right here! Rackhir forget Tanelorn- ScatterPoint rules you all. ;)

One of my intentions is to keep up my breakneck writing pace from last week. With just a bit more sleep, it will be survivable and I’ll be able to achieve my project milestones.



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