What’s Going On

Hello Everyone.

My close friends have been telling me to update this website, but to be honest, I’ve been sequestered away doing the important writing and business planning of game stuff.

However, this is equally important and not more so, so I’m taking the time today to let you all know where Reality Blurs stands.

I’ve been sketching out multiple projects while I continue working on RunePunk. I’ve been negotiating with writers and artists to get things out on a regular schedule. I’ve been dealing with printers and distributors to lay all the groundwork so that Reality Blurs will be a success and grow.

Have I had setbacks? Sure. This industry is tightly woven and getting inside can sometimes be difficult, but it is a business, after all. I’ve met just as many extremely nice, creative people, as I continue this journey. I appreciate the support of anyone coming here and reading these words.

I’m going to get a regular update in each week from here on out. Just deciding the best day. Right now, I’m shooting for Monday.



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