For those not in the know, WIPs are Works in Progress, the spinning plates, irons in fire, and other quaint colloquialisms for things in varying states of unreadiness. The reasons are multiple and far-ranging, they could be something as simple as awaiting final bits of art or proofreading up to needing elements to be written or written mechanics to be tested. Each workshop or design studio has their own way of doing things and, while sharing some commonalities, is, ultimately, the reflection of the team and studio head.

For us, sometimes things have to mull. We have to turn them around so the rough bits get polished up, and there are a number of things I’ve written that shall never see the light of day in their present form. It doesn’t necessarily indicate they aren’t up to the Blurry standard(s), but there are some things which are rejected because we can do better. And part of doing better is letting things simmer and letting ideas grow and become ripe (mixed metaphors, anyone?).

At any rate, I’ve been a little cagier than normal due to extenuating circumstances which have thrown the release dates of a few pending items into flux. We have a promising release schedule still in the works, and I just want to let you know our hands are presently anything but idle. As longtime friends of the Blur can attest, when we’re quiet, odds are we’re working on something or other in the Mad Lab. As dates firm up, I’ll start talking about specific products and product lines.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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