Wrapping Up the Week (No, Not Really)

I’m going to be brief as I’ve got several important calls to make beginning in just a few minutes, so the race is on.

Tomorrow, sees the release of Iron Dynasty: Guidebook #3. Making his our fifth support product for the line, including the two Kesshi Tales!

I’m head down working on the first Jobbers Tale [1. Yes. You heard me right. Before we had the guidebook/adventure model in place, we named the line, so we’ll be renaming the first two adventures, really good adventures, at that, Clockwork Dragons and BlackWake Spiral will fall under the new line, Odd Jobs, which will be a catchall for standalone adventures outside of the Jobbers Tale line.] for RunePunk and I’m really excited about this one. It integrates nicely with the upcoming Guidebook and it introduces some new elements into the City. I’m looking forward to running it for my posse next week, so I’ll let you know how it goes [2. Without spoiling it.] . Yippee, RunePunk!

Agents of Oblivion has made its way back to me. It’s gone through a number of hands and it should be very close to moving into layout. I’ll be trying something a bit different for me, but I’m going to mock the thing up while awaiting art, and then I can just drop the art in when it does come in. I cannot believe it’s almost done. It has been soooo long, but it’ll be worth it. And there is a companion piece too, which you will dig very much What Screams Are Made Of featuring lots of terrible monstrosities and goodness for your game. I’ll be going over a bit of AoO with the monstrous Texan, Ed Wetterman.

After I wrap that call up, I’m dialing Mark Francis up in North Carolina to see how he’s been doing. We’re going to talk RunePunk and see if we can wrangle him into doing some more goodness. He had sketched out a great adventure path, but everything went sideways for everybody, so it’s been on hiatus. At the very least, I’m going to see if he’d like to lend his inestimable insights into the inevitable RunePunk updates.

Like the White Rabbit, I’m checking my time piece, realizing I am late, and diving down the rabbit hole. Geronimo!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!







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