A Bit About Oblivion

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Welcome to Oblivion.
Those are the three words you read on the plain, vanilla postcard the day before your life officially changes forever.

The next day, you become part of the covert agency of Oblivion. Your role is to protect humanity, battling threats both natural and supernatural on a global basis, as assigned by your Regional Director, traditionally called Mister E.

Agency Orientation: What You Know
As a new recruit, we know you’re anxious to get into the field. Patience. The threats are not going away any time soon. Some of them are believed to be older than our planet, but I’m getting ahead of myself. You don’t even have clearance yet. Let me tell you what you are cleared for which, admittedly, isn’t much. It’s enough to tell you what we’ve done and allow you an opportunity to pick a career path best suited for you. Don’t fear. If you decide down the road that you’re not suited to be a Carnivore or a Field Sorceror, that’s alright. You fill out a few of the proper forms and you can get reassigned to another division without compromising your team’s integrity. Yes, you’ll probably be working on a team. Few new recruits are capable of fielding solo missions right away. So remember. Patience.

A Thumbnail History
Project Bluebook closed its doors on December 17th, 1969. That’s probably before most of you were born, but they investigated UFOs and the kind of things you’ve seen on the X-Files. The very next day three non-descript men and an attractive redhead cleaned out a rather spacious supply room next to the janitor’s office in the basement of NRO’s main building. It is understood that some of the original files and bureaucratic headaches that Oblivion suffers today come from the Founders’s close affiliation with Bluebook.

The Lurker in the Threshold
We’ve all had nightmares. I’m sure you recall those dreams where you’re fading away and you vaguely see a shape in the doorway or you awaken bolt upright in your bed, screaming about the monsters coming down the hall. Those are inklings, atavistic protective mechanisms heralding back from our ancestors to be alert, to be aware, that something out there, somewhere, does not like us very much and wants us to go away permanently. Some of our finest writers have glimpsed through this dark lens and it has driven some to drink, madness, or worse.

Know you this: the dreams of fancy are real. The nightmares are real. They were there in our past. Our mythologies speak of them. They were dormant, lost interest, went away for awhile, but they are back. They are back with a vengeance.

Your jobs will be to use your talents, varied as they may be, to deal with the numerous threats that challenge us. We have many enemies. Some of our deadliest are man. Let me tell you why we wish to maintain a low profile.

The Reasons for Secrecy
Where Bluebook and other past organizations went wrong is they expected the world to hail their heroes. That is not the case. Remember that in Oblivion that is never the case. If we do our jobs properly, no one even knows we exist. We are Oblivion. We are Zeros, nothingness in the eye of our friends or our enemies. We don’t appeal to common sense- that’s quickly decaying in our modern world. We know better and we act accordingly.

An Agency exists that rivals our own, the Pandora Institute. On the surface, a more placid think tank cannot be found, but underneath all of their talks for the common good, beneath their mask of benevolence, lies a darker face, a face corrupted by their contact with the Forgotten and other eldritch forces.

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