I’m Writing Away

Hello All.

I’m tweaking and tuning and punking away in a runic way. :)

I think the preface is completely done. I decided I needed to give more information to the players to allow an opportunity for better immersion into the world. As a long-time GM, I’ve always liked to play some of my cards close to the chest, but, hell, this world is more than a little different. The more I look at it, the more I’ve decided it’s damn strange in a lot of ways, but part of it is that the people fail to see the strangeness anymore. The strangeness is the mundane. It’s definitely maintained it’s Urban Fantasy direction that I’ve wanted from the outset and I’ve introduced more conflict than I might otherwise, because this is a world that needs to be rife with the potentialities for adventure, or what’s the point? No one wants to sit around in a pub playing canasta as the height of their roleplaying experience do they? (Does anyone even play canasta anymore?)


I’ve managed to maintain the darkness and the grit that the setting deserves. It’s not meant to be campy or high adventure. It’s dystopian. The best some people can hope for is to see the next day and stay one step ahead of the jailer or be a glimmer of light in a world of shattered dreams. Whether I manage to turn a phrase or two in the right direction, I suppose time will tell.



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