A Bit of Perspective

Herein, I begin to reflect upon the past year…

I was largely quiet for broad stretches of 2015. I got a lot of writing done, got a lot of layout done. We got out things we needed to get out, but we can do better.  I can do better. The crew waits while I wrestle with words and figure things out.

Things take time. I take time. So it goes.

A few random realizations.

  1. We got the website redesigned. The old one creaked and groaned and became a pain to update and an overall frustration heaped upon other things going on to and around me. I’m proud of how it’s turned out.

  2. I designed a new logo that better reflects our sensibilities. The publishing + other passions tagline encompasses a broader spectrum of things and I can indulge my many interests under one main umbrella. Games are at the forefront, but writing is not far behind. We have more plans, but are spending our time judiciously.

  3. Narrowing focus does not mean less work.

  4. People are basically good. And there are those who wish to tear apart any and all things.

  5. It’s easier to berate than create. You just can’t sweat it.

A few thoughts regarding creating and publishing and the intersection of the two.

If you’re a creator, you really don’t have a choice. You have to get things out. I’ve been writing, scribbling, pondering, and designing stuff for a good while. There is an unparalleled joy and beauty and purity in the process. Yet, that is only one part of the entire process. Getting out there presents its own bits of challenges.

There is more to publishing than writing or creating or even editing. There is layout. There is gathering art and/or putting together graphic design. There is the logistics of distribution and setting up a web presence and engaging your audience. There are so many things going on beyond the written word, sometimes it is a wonder anything comes together at all.

There are outside influences. You can consider your idea so precious that you hesitate to talk about it. There is a feeling of panic of that thing distracting from this thing. That’s untrue. More than one similar thing/conceit/idea/concept can exist within the large spectrum of whichever avenue you create. You have to be true to your idea and your execution. You have to take the time it takes to get to the place you want to be, you want your work to be. Sometimes, the line blurs between creator and creation, yet you have to be able to separate the one from the other and learn to take things not so personally. Yet you’re going to fail. You have to be your best critic. You have to have other critical eyes upon your work and be prepared to concede points as well as defend them.

Yes, you must write. Always, within this all, you must write.

And if you create a body of work, you should be constantly evolving, challenging, and pushing your abilities.

That’s all there is to it. Even then, that’s barely scratching the surface.

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