A Death in the Family

Hello. I’m back. Be gentle. Will ya?

My father passed away on August 4th. We actually had to disconnect him from the machine. It was scheduled, as one might schedule anything else. When that happened, I had to disconnect from social media for awhile. I needed time to process things. I didn’t have the energy to put on a brave face, nor interact with anyone, so instead largely withdrew inside my skull.

For about a week, there was a numbness and unexpected emotional rawness. I lost count of the exact number of days, but I finally resumed writing. I’ve always found a certain solace in writing.

We had planned a KS for this fall, but I couldn’t muster the fortitude in light of these circumstances. So it goes. Ironically, my father would’ve told me that life goes on and that’s no reason to delay anything, but we didn’t always see eye to eye.

I’ll miss ya, Pop.

2 Notes on, A Death in the Family

  1. My own father passed away on August 24, 2016 from brain cancer. I understand where you are. I am an only child and knew what it meant when I ‘moved’ him to hospice. It is hard to describe but each day I decide to step forward or at least try to. I pray for you and your healing as do I my own. Unless you personally have gone through the situation it is hard to understand how the person is feeling.

    I do not know if you still live in Memphis but I would by you a beverage and just sit and listen to jazz and talk games and about how great our dads are/were. But that might be creepy since you have never met me but I will raise a glass and pray you healing going forward. I look forward to you new efforts.

  2. My condolences. I remember how hard it was for me. I’m glad to see you are writing again.

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