A Designer’s Mantra

There is no perfect system, just systems. No perfect thing, just things.

Impurities pervade everything. Chasing perfection is insanity.

Some things can be defined by their flaws. Embrace imperfection.

People say most work of arts are never finished, writing is never done, code is never perfected, and so on. It is the nature of mankind to struggle with the shadows on the wall versus the real versus the conceptual trapped within each of our minds, rattling around like those little ball bearings you have to navigate through a labyrinthine maze to reach the end. Only, there is no real end, not really.

Appreciate critiques, feedback. Ignore the white noise (though it can be hard.) Understand it’s easier to hate than create.

You must focus on your individual strengths, understand your weaknesses, and do what you can to create the best thing you can.




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