Adventures in Design

The weather is cold all over the place. It sure is here. The internet is really slow or else the huge graphic file I have open is waging a war against all the free RAM in the joint. Who knows?  It seems like things are conspiring against the workflow.

I’ve moved into heavy writing. Lots of bits and pieces are already in place.  Blueprints drafted. Foundation set. Now, I’m laying the word-bricks, slapping each into their proper place, and some of them are heavy. And some of them I have to figure out first. So the word count is slow.

Let it be said, I do not measure worth strictly by word count.

That way lies madness. Some folks do that, but I’m more of a chunk type of writer. I want to write through a particular section. I want to get through a particular theme, thought, vibe, some sort of thought flow before I take a break, or call it a day (or not).

In any case, because the mind likes to pull one down like a proverbial lead zeppelin from time to time, and we all like hitting goals, I’m displeased with today’s word count. (Yeah. Something I don’t ever really think or say or share. There’s no point in it.) Sometimes, the spice does not flow. The words seem to trickle out of a stream. Or they jumble about in your head. Or someone swipes the tile you need. Or that right word can’t be found.

That’s not what’s going down, exactly. The words are coming. It’s the research that is tricky and slowing things down.  At least, it feels that way in my head. And the words pile up in sporadic fashion.  There is always a tipping point in any writing thing when you reach a point, you can’t slow the words down.  Not there quite yet.

If I got more sleep last night, I’d probably be dealing with it better than I am today. Ironically, I couldn’t sleep as I was sifting through ideas. Hahahah. Tomorrow is another day.


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