A Needed Disconnect

Today, other than to write these words, I didn’t touch the computer much. I spent the bulk of the day watching shows on Netflix, got a bit of reading, and played some games on the Nook Color, and reflected a bit about what the upcoming week has in store. Usually, I’m going like gangbusters, but this past week was wicked busy, and things are starting to sort themselves out as I establish new templates for our Old School Fantasy line. Since we’re moving in a new direction with some of our releases (and I was going to need to build new templates anyway), it just made sense to give a new look and feel for some of our stuff. So far, the mock ups I’ve been showing around to the gang has met with their approval, but at the end of some of these days, I’ve just been wiped out and suffering a bit from eye fatigue. I’m reinvigorated. Ready to face another week, and hope you keep your eyes on the forums–not just the Razorwise Report–for some of the tasty bits of news coming from our mad labs.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



4 Notes on, A Needed Disconnect

  1. Awesome! I’ve really been enjoying the Old School Fantasy line. My occasional questions on the forums are based from love, I swear. Looking forward to hearing more about the continuation of this line. My play by post group is, as I type, about to head into Keryk Nhor for the first time.

    • No problem whatsoever. I’m glad you’re enjoying them, and we’ve adjusted the format where it should be a big win for everyone!

      The next one is slated to release next week. :)

  2. oh it’s a good think you didn’t tell me that earlier. I might’ve held off buying Mythos Tales #1. Nah, I probably would’ve bought it anyway. :)

    I’m eager to see the new format. Might as well count a sale down for me now.

  3. Hahaha!

    We’re ramping up the release schedule on everything, so we can give all our settings and lines the love and support they so rightly deserve. Supporting our varying lines enables us to keep things going at a steady clip. (Believe it or not, we do have to eat from time to time.)

    Thank you for your patronage (past, present, and future)!

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