Agents of Oblivion Still Rockin’ the Top Spot at RPGNow!

First off, huge thanks for all the support of our release of Agents of Oblivion. After more than a week since it’s release, it is still holding steady at number 1 on RPGNow and a respectable #2 (behind the 2oth Anniversary Edition of Vampire). You’ve done it. My mind is officially BLOWN. And this is only the beginning of all the great stuff we have in store for you with this line.

Now, you might’ve wondered where I’ve been. I had some internet issues (naturally) arise right before I went to Con on the Cob and they followed me everywhere I went on my travels, so, yes, I have missed a few days. Am I disappointed? Yes. Though I had scaled back to just Mon-Friday, I had not missed one single day and I was only two weeks away from my anniversary of making it to the first anniversary of the Razorwise Report without a hiccup. Well, blame technology.

I ran several games of Agents of Oblivion at Con on the Cob and had an absolutely great time. One would say, it was SLAMMIN’! Now, I’m tired and need to rest up before I leap back into things tomorrow.

Until next time, I bid you, dear readers, adieu!


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