Two Cots and a Wake-up!

Wow! Another day at the top spot on RPGNow. SWEET. This has me completely jazzed and ready to head to Con on the Cob. Well, not quite. Keeping up the momentum on Agents of Oblivion and prepping for the show has divided my attention. I’ve got my clothes together and will scramble to do that last minute day before a con thing. Since I was unable to go to GenCon, I’m truly looking forward to this shoe. Hope to see some of ya there!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

2 Notes on, Two Cots and a Wake-up!

  1. Congratz! Just put in my order there (I’d always wondered what the difference between drive-thru-rpg and rpgnow was). PDF looks excellent on desktop as well as tablet.

  2. Many thanks! Glad you’re digging the look. Our product lines (for the foreseeable future) will be modeled to render well on most devices. (Well, the ones that can read PDFs, anyway)!

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