Alas, Bowie

David Bowie died at the age of 69 of cancer. Those are just the raw facts I found out about when I sat down at the keyboard this morning.

Bowie was a force of nature. He recreated himself time and again. Burning down his past, reinventing our future. His story is the story of life and passion and creativity fused into the tapestry of our world. He will be missed.

His music, his existence, has always just been. Like the sun, like the moon, like the Beatles. He keeps going. Eternal. His sounds, his poetry, visited me at various periods through my life. His tenacity inspired. His music often got caught in my head. His lyrics challenged me to look at words in different ways, to strike my own path.

I sought to find a song to encompass his life. He is not so easily summed up.  I got teary eyed. I felt a punch to the gut as I listened to his music for over an hour, sampling the labors of his life.  He will live on. His music will live on.

Original. Iconic. Unafraid. Bowie. RIP.


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