An Interval

Hello one and all. The end of the year is typically where I languish a bit, creatively spent. It’s been quite different this year. Already, I turn my thoughts brightly to the New Year with all the secrets and promises that it holds. I have enjoyed spending time with friends and family. Though I have been a bit physically drained of late, my energy levels have been flowing more than ebbing, which is a good thing.

I’ve been absorbing lots of different media. I’ve been playing some video games, enjoying a variety of television shows, and have been reading everything from Edgar Rice Burroughs to Stephen King and various points in-between. Additionally, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts when I workout, which I have resumed as part of my new wellness regime. While all of these life changes may seem like distractions, they serve to produce a better mind and body which in turn will make for fertile soil for future creativity. Don’t overwork your garden if you want anything to grow.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

1 Note on “An Interval”

  1. Sean Patrick Fannon

    Been worried about you, amigo. Been reading through, enjoying, and hoping that you are finding your path to where you want to be.


    – SPF

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