And the Week Ends

This is so late Friday, it’s actually Saturday morning. This has been a long, long week for various reasons, especially real life (which I’ll talk about more next week).

Today, Jeff Scifert swung by the Mad Lab and picked up his copy of Agents of Oblivion (though he did spot it in a shop in London when traveling abroad). We talked about some of my secret writing today. Some of the mechanics and ideas I have in store for this definitely new thing I’m very excited about. The break has been good, short though it may be.

I’ll most likely work on it in some odd bits of time and throw it out into some playtesting even as we move forward on our regularly scheduled progress. Now is the time I most miss a local game group where I can test some of these things out face-to-face. I am contemplating a remote playtest of things where I will get some of you folks involved. That’d be interesting in and of itself.

Hope you and yours have a terrific weekend! I hear there are some good movies floating around. Don’t tell me. I know and hope to catch one or two of them this weekend.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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