Everywhere at Once (Where Not to Be)

The upside of not running a mega-company is accountability typically lies within rather than without. After posting yesterday, I realized my general ramblings may have made some of you think we were not continuing development for Savage Worlds. Please realize, that is definitely not the case.

I’ve been posting here religiously regularly over the last few years and a number of you cats follow along and, while most of you are quiet, I totally dig you taking a slice of your day to see where my headspace is and what I’m up to.

Despite casualness and trappings to the contrary, this is a business. However, I invite you all to join me in the lounge area and kick back, have a cocktail, and explore the creative space, talk shop, and enjoy the show. You don’t really always want to be backstage, in the kitchen, or hear the floor manager deal with the acts. Let me tell ya, not always a lot of fun.

All of us, however, like to explore other things. Scratch different creative itches. We have a good handle on Savage Worlds. (After eight years, I should, right?) I’ve got a solid crew put together. I do fiddle with things beyond Savage Worlds however. We all do. None of us just eat the same thing every day. Some days, you may want a PB&J and a glass of milk. Other days, a ribeye medium rare with a tall, frosty beverage.

I’m just trying to assure you, everything is under control. I spend the bulk of the day working on what we’ve got in the queue and what needs to get out into your hands. I do want to stretch out a bit creatively. As I’ve stated here and elsewhere, it’s necessary to an artist’s growth. To that end, I hope you realize any thing I offer up for consumption shall be coming from a personal passion as has most everything which we’ve brought to market.

A number of these settings I’ve been carrying around for years in my head and I’ve followed through on them as best I’m able. I’ve gotten some great help along the way. A number of these folks are holding down the Savage fort, affording me this luxury to not only fiddle with some new things, but the courage to let you guys know we’ve got some interesting times ahead, both with what’s in our catalogue and what’s in store.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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