And Then There Were Two…

Yup. Two RWR falling through the digital space, representing my ramblings, capturing bits of my thought like a skein does sand. It will have to do.

Today’s (already) been ridiculously busy. I got up and made a commute to the Mad Lab as the dark imps normally serving at my knee failed to flap through the skies yesterday, and no other sort of courier would suffice. I went through the files and found what I needed and made the corrections in preparation of (finally) getting Karthador out the door and into your hands. You have been so very patient as we worked on other things, and apologize for this delay. Not too much longer now.

The creative business being what it is, it is ofttimes difficult to find the proper balance between the creative and the business. We strive each day to find the balance, but some days the muse won’t leave you alone, and on other days there are more practical matters one must attend to.

The latter end of the spectrum occupied today’s lunch. I had a chance to sit down face-to-face with one of the Blurry Ones, and tell him what the Master Plan is (in broad strokes with lots of dramatic sound effects). I enjoy the opportunity to talk with one of the crew, especially in person. It’s always an energizing experience, and I frequently wind up with even more to do than I thought I did going into the meeting (yet with all the energy to meet the challenges head on).

I got up really early, and long for a nap. I’ll try to shake it off. (I think the taco I had for lunch is trying to tunnel inside my brain.)

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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