Rumblings from the Mad Lab

Life is wonderful. Isn’t it? It has its ponderous moments. Its chaos. Especially in this digital age. There are heights and depths and all sorts of other bits of madnesses for us to uncover, discover, be blindsided by, and survive. And there are the creative impulses and entropic pulls that keep things altogether interesting (whether we want them to be or not).

The crew and I have been quietly writing and brainstorming and mulling and gnashing teeth and all the other things you may (or may not) expect us to be doing. Yet, I’ve not been writing the Razorwise Reports with the regularity both of us expect. I had been on quite a roll there for awhile. Digging deep into my mind and dredging up all sorts of things. Then I stopped for sometime. Then I resumed before the gas was really in the tank (and the engine may have gotten a little locked up from lack of regular use). Who knows? The only thing more difficult at times than starting something new is resuming something. It’s like picking up the controller for a video game you used to really rock and can’t even finish a level (or totally invert your KDR or some other something). You may want to throw the controller across the room or, if you’re more mature (a subjective slippery slope at even the best of times), you may gently pull the controller down, turn off the console, and hope no one hears you muttering beneath your breath (and what you mutter is your own business, fill in the blanks as best you can as what you ponder I may mutter).

You have to dive back in at some point, or fill the pool with cement and move on (or maybe throw one of those retro 70s pool parties complete with Tab and the smell of suntan oils pungent in the air).

I’m back. Again. And while I might dance on the edge of the Abyss (and stare into it with regularity), I’ll try not to get pulled off into a period of quietude. At least not for awhile. There’s too much to do.

Written words turn to edited bits wending their way(s) to layout and out into the dreamscapes of our realities (which ofttimes ¬†blur). I’ve had several good meeting with Ed Wetterman regarding materials for Agents of Oblivion and Realms of Cthulhu, and I’ll be revealing some of hopes and dark dreams and random musings soon enough. On other fronts, we’re gearing up to go wider with Karthador and Ravaged Earth Second Edition. And more work proceeds on tremulus. And we’re working on a new Savage Worlds IP we’ll be announcing in the near future (as it continues to make its way through edits). And we’ll talk about our planned forays into fiction as well. (And I’m certain I’ll talk about other things in the works, as the stars align.)

These are exciting times, and as I’m overflowing with enthusiasm, I’ll likely be more inclined to let my fingers dance across the keyboard and share the good news with all within shouting distance.

I write these articles very much in the moment, and they are as impacted from what I experience as much as anything is, I suppose. And they’re unedited. If you’re new to these, keep in mind they’ll likely be conversational, often rambling, and I don’t get too terribly hung up on grammatical niceties. I promise I’ll try not to talk with my mouth full, and I’ll (generally, usually) have some point to what I’m writing (though the point may sometimes not be readily apparent), and look forward to you joining me on this journey.

I’ll leave you with this anecdote. Last week, while Origins 2014 was underway, I was involved in a tangle of cables and cords, trying to solidify them into a more manageable mass of chaos when a call came letting us know this happened–>


(This turned an overall busy and bleh sort of day into a good one. Remember when I said life is wonderful?)

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!




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