AoO Update

Hello There!

Sometimes, I feel like I’m about a year behind. I’m working on secret stuff, not so secret stuff, and lots of other stuff that you may well know about to varying degrees. The thing is, parallel development can slow you down on some fronts, while speed you up on others. Admittedly, I might go stir crazy if I were forced to work on just one thing, but I haven’t had that displeasure as of yet.

At any rate, I get down to a lot of brass tacks in the Dirt, so here I’ll discuss what’s foremost in my mind, and that’s Agents of Oblivion. I’ve done a lot of tooling and retooling to get things right. Part of the delay was a good one. The immediate acceptance of RunePunk, our first setting book for Savage Worlds, took up a good bit of time and energy in offering out of the gate support and I was inundated with questions and emails. However, Agents of Oblivion is ramped up and I’m on the final push of the Setting Book and already have the first two follow up book sketched out as well. AoO is going to have strong support with both campaign materials, supplements, and adventures. I’m considering the adventure paths that are growing in popularity as a way to tell one story in the AoO universe. As there are some many different directions to take AoO, you’ll be glad to find we’re always working on a Campaign Builder supplement that goes into a lot of detail about how you can further own your campaign and tailor it more specifically to your group. As Agents of Oblivion takes a baseline approach, detailing out over thirty (or has it grown to forty) organizations and a like number of cultures, you’ll not find yourself lacking for adventure ideas. As I’ve stated elsewhere, extensions of the rules have been put introduced to further ratchet up the AoO experience without being overly cumbersome. Vehicle construction rules, vehicle lists, the Narrative Chase System, and more have created a system that is streamlined, but detailed enough to let you share the stories you want to with your group.

That’s ultimately our shared purpose is having fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have working on it. While it may be slow out of the gate, it will quickly have support material behind it, so no worries.



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