As Good A Day As Any

Above me, at this very moment, a trapped wasp buzzes angrily. He thinks he kisses the sun, but he kisses a neon tube that, could it emote, would likely be quite annoyed by the wasp’s attentions.

It is April 1st, Fool’s Day, and I thought about resuming my posting yesterday, but I was too bound up within the lush languidness of a gentle spring day. I wrote. I reflected. I researched. As I have been doing since last we spoke, yet some of the footfalls weren’t meant for your ears at all, though I’ve made progress down the roads to destinations I’ve no doubt you’ll find of some interest. Even if that interest may be no more than you are gladdened I have emerged from a long, dark winter, and back into the glowing warmth of a new season.

Still, I dwell on the darkness. Still, I write the brittle, blackening words that blot out some hopes (and mayhap even make the blood burn). Only this go round, this particular fool does so with a bigger smile than ever.

We still are experiencing technical difficulties with our forums, and I still seek to get all that sorted out. These past few months have proven to be strange and transcendent and necessary to forward progress on many levels, so forgive these inconveniences awhile longer. Won’t you?

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!





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