Back to the Reality that is my World


After the whirlwind that was last week, I’m back in the groove in earnest. What’s that mean? Tweaking out plot points, polishing Savage Tales, and more or less refining everything else for the Demolition Team that comprises my game group.

Speaking of my game group, we got together last night in an abbreviated fashion, my brother couldn’t make it and one of the regulars was not in attendance (he knows who he is), so we ended up playing a really great card game and HeroScape and they quizzed me about getting into the game industry.

It was fun and it was strange. I’m tired and still getting over a cold. I need to focus on RunePunk and let all the other ideas gestate for awhile. Tonight’s agenda consists of putting together a spreadsheet with all the NE powers so I can easily assimilate them into my head along with the cost, so I’ll be able to cross index everything over to M&M as the circumstances warrant. :P



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