I’m Going to the Darklands…

Hello and welcome to my world. :D

Today was a long day of reflection and mulling interspersed with writing. I spent as much time as possible curled up with my favorite pen on the love seat with a good old spiral bound notebook surrounded by rulebooks while I selected random thoughts to jot down to develop the wildlands of RunePunk.

I’ve had these wildlands, these darklands, conceptualized in broad, sweeping strokes for awhile, but I have to cultivate and refine them each to a level of uniqueness, otherwise, what’s the point in having more than one?

I’ve begun that process in earnest more this evening than earlier in the day when I had the fun opportunity of taking a playtest session of Four-Color Savage Worlds. I had put together a Rhino rip-off for my brother who battle numerous cops, a two-man SWAT team, a couple of flying robo-drones, and the robber who beat him to the bank. I’m delighted to say that Savage Worlds wears Four Colors quite well, thank you.

But for now, I’m back in the grime and soot that is RunePunk, among the twisted steel and rubble of a land tortured and transformed by sweeping storms and the Talus. I’m heading out of the City now, leaving behind the tall tower-blocks and the safety of the great Rune Towers. I’m going to the darklands…



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