Why is Ned naked? A RunePunk vignette

Hello All.

If you’ve made it here, chances are you’ve already seen “Naked Ned” Nails. Who is he? What is he? Why is he naked?

For that, you must understand a bit about the average Ferren and ScatterPoint, so we’ll start with the latter and work our way back to dear Ned in a moment.

ScatterPoint is an enormous city that was wrenched out of one reality and thrown into another. After this apocalyptic event, there was a great time when the world was in flux, when peoples from various realities appeared and disappeared in this wasteland of a city. One such people are the Ferren, a ratlike race with a scientific bent. The Ferren helped save the city from being torn apart by the RuneStorms. By their actions, they were trapped in the city with the rest.

That’s all in the past for Sir Ned Nails, however. He is an uppercrust gent who some say inherited his money, while others claim he has ties to the Blue Coats. Few bother to find out as Ned is typically a gallant, well-bred Ferren with all the proper appointments to one of his class. From time to time, however, Ned will get in his cups and drink to excess. This causes problems as Ned reverts to the base, wild nature hidden in every Ferren and will take the slightest bump in a barroom as an excuse to cast aside his top hat, shred his waistcoat, and face his imagined threat. People usually give him a wide berth until his servant, Fogel-5, a grizzled Overwrought, scoops him up and carries him back to his WardenCliff home.

Word has spread throughout the city of Sir Ned Nails and his nudity to such a degree that many bars welcome “Naked Ned” with open arms and let him drink for free, assuring a packed house on any evening he chooses to patronize them.





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