Bang! Bang!

Hello All!

I’m typing away on my new super sytem that I got on Monday after major technical issues over the weekend with my laptop shut things down.

As luck would have it, a super deal on a Seagate Externall 500 GB HDD lured me out of the house where I was able to snag something to back up all my writing which I dutifully did just three days before my computer sytem went on the fritz. I’m sending it off to the darkness of space (errr, system repair) and will anxiouslly await its return.

When I got my new system and plugged it all in and booted it up, the thing sounded like a chopper coming down over ‘Nam and I ducked for cover, but the thing never booted up, so I low crawled over and unplugged it, said a few choice words, tromped back to the store (that shall remain nameless), and the guys there checked it and indeed agreed it was broken, so I got another system, came home, booted it up, and was relieved that it booted up just fine. However…after a few moments of browsing around Vista…which I’ve never seen outside of the stores, commercials, and catalogs, and the disc that I’ve got for my laptop, but have yet to install…find the sytem falling apart around me, like I’m in some kind of Salvador Dali painting. I find some repair feature that works…for about 5 minutes until the system says I have an inadequate graphics card and starts melting down even faster. At that point, I say a few more choice words to myself, vowing vengeance upon the store if I can’t get this thing operational, and do a complete system reimage (which took an hour and a half to two hours, at this point, I think I’m somehow sharing time and space with a gremlin (or two). Magically, this longshot reimage idea fixed things up and the system is now as stable as can be. Though, I have backed everything up on this machine as well, just in case.

At any rate, work continues apace, and the only reason I post this here is that there is oftimes a tenuous relationship between the writer and his machine. Regardless of our background, technical or otherwise, we just want it to work and be a transparent helper in our creative business endeavors. To that end, I do believe this new machine is going to really ramp up productivity!

Who knows? I might even install BioShock on this if I get it for Christmas. (Ummmm…this counts as research for work, right?);)




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