Begin the Begin

Hello All.

The Rough & Ugly Player’s Guide is now been playtested. Do you have any idea how hard it is to round up enough rough & ugly gamers to playtest something? *ba-dump-bump*

But seriously, I’m glad to have a good group of individuals volunteer to check out the hard work I’m putting into this thing and look forward to their feedback. I even put together a rough & ugly map that I’m going to try to get into one of my artist’s hands in the near future so they can begin prettying it up for me. As Iron Dynasty is quite some time off, it’s wishful thinking.

In any case, Iron Dynasty, at the moment, includes scads of new combat edges, eight nifty archetypes, and other assorted randomnesses. We’ll see how it winds up in the month’s to come.

As I’m able, however, I hope to discuss the progress of the playtest and observations from the participants without divulging any ultra-secret information. This playtest is the most formalized effort we’ve put forth in gathering a group of people together to do something of this kind for us. It’s a bit more daunting than expected in a different way. In the past, we’ve written for the “imaginary audience”, as we’re progressing and we’re getting to know them, different challenges and expectations come to the fore on both sides. It’s interesting to me, so I thought it might prove interesting to you as well.



P.S. Oh yeah, just so things don’t bog down completely in game theory and whatnot, we’ll sneak a few peeks at the Lands of the Iron Dynasty as we move ahead. ;)


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