Being the Bee

In the past, I’ve advised being the rabbit, chasing whatever bits of knowledge down various and sundry holes to find strange, forbidden bits of esoterica scattered throughout the breadth and width and depth of the internet. The rabbit stage is when one runs free and collects information about things freely and without a particular point in mind. If something shimmers off the trail, you chase it without guilt or guile. You let your natural curiosity rule your nature.

There comes a time when nose must meet grindstone and gathering wool must give way to weaving patterns into fabric, to create rather than conjecture.

It as at this point one must become the bee or, at the very least, what the bee signifies: focused, industrious, withdrawn. You see, the bee is the least busy when it’s buzzing. When it’s buzzing, it’s telling you to give it a broad path whilst it carries on its way. Were the bee a trucker, it’d likely be rolling down the highway foot heavy on the pedal, hand heavy on the horn. Luckily for us, bees have yet to master the nuances of driving.

Being the bee is a simple philosophy of pulling back and focusing on the work.

You can certainly tell people you’re making honey, but if they hear you buzzing, they know you’re not making honey. They’ll pay attention to you the first time. If you keep buzzing, they know you’re still not making honey, just talking about it, so keep making that sweet, sweet honey.¬†You can’t exactly buzz while you’re making honey, after all. (Of course, I’m simplifying the process for our purposes.)

To slice through the metaphor, don’t run around all the social media constantly stating what you’re doing. Generating a certain amount of buzz is important when the time is right. When it’s not, it’s annoying.

Hopefully, this let’s you know why I’m not diving into specifics and, instead, talking about a broad range of things. Just remember the hive is active. We’re over here making honey.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.


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